What is Solstice?

Solstice is a week-long intentional gathering in Southern Ontario. Drawn in by the summer solstice, we camp, laugh, eat and dance at our temporary home in the woods! Sweetly-anticipated by its community for the opportunity to journey, love, stargaze, sunbathe, and dance until the sun comes up!  Om Reunion Project's Solstice celebration is in its 14th beautiful year!

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Our Vision

Our vision is to promote the power of community by offering a creative, restorative and uplifting space in nature, where projects may bring people together to celebrate, collaborate, create and connect, while learning about sustainable living, health and wellness and social justice issues.

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Gathering Guidelines

Respect yourself

Respect others

Respect the land

Leave no trace

Respect the local laws and customs

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Connection and music; transformation and friends; consciousness and healing; delicious vegan food, warmth, sunshine and smiles -  these are some of the things that make Solstice special to its members. As a community, we have common guidelines, which requires everyone on site to be on the same page. Members come committed to participate in at least one membershift somewhere on-site, and bring a food contribution for the community kitchen. Knowing that everyone on-site participates to make the event function, leads to camaraderie, connection and empowerment. Everything else you bring to share is a beautiful gift, and makes Solstice the unique experience that we love!!