Theme Camps

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Theme Camps

Theme Camps are a great way to interact with your fellow forest frolickers. Throughout the campsite, you’ll find pockets of creativity just waiting to be explored! We call these member-created experiences Theme Camps.

To create a Theme Camp all you need is an idea, a little help from your friends, and some space.  Before you know it, you’ve created an interactive and welcoming atmosphere for all Solstice members! This can be as simple as Hammock Haven, a place to rest, to Glam Camp, somewhere to get dolled up.

An afternoon walk through the Solstice campsite is as delightful as it is because we share with our neighbors and brighten the paths. Theme Camps are an authentic way to meet neighbours, engage new members and make quick friends.

Location! Location!

Pre-register your Theme Camp with us and we'll reserve a great spot in the forest for you and your camp. This will also get you listed in The Leaf!!


We have a few small grants available to help defer the costs of your potentially amazing Theme Camp! 

Send any questions to


Please remember when creating your space that Gifting, not Vending, is one of our policies.
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