Tea Tent


Steep Inside

Where you'll find herbs and hot water! The Tea Tent continues to be a calming place to stoke the fire and make teas, to keep us healthy and nourished. Join us in the quiet space of the Tea Tent.

The intention behind the Tea Tent fire:

When we sit with intention, and watch our thoughts around the Tea Tent fire, we honour the earth’s sacred elements. Participate in actively healing and creating well-being for ourselves and others. We don't need a large fire, but a small consistent one - keep it burning throughout our time together on the land and maintain this fire as a safe space by respecting ourselves and others connection to spirit.

tea tent.jpg

We are looking for 3-5 people to join the team! If you are interested please send an email to teatent@solsticegathering.ca

And be sure to fill out the Crew Application Form!  No requirements, no experience necessary.  Just looking for some well-rounded folks who are interested in being part of a super fun TEAm!!