Solstice Survival Guide

Terms and Conditions for Memberships

Solstice is a members-only gathering. You are required to purchase a membership in advance for admittance, or purchase an increased-price membership at the Gate. Upon arrival at the gathering, all members (including children and crew) will be required to provide valid photo ID matching their Proof of Membership. Multiple membership purchases are permitted; however they are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to protect your proof of membership.

Each attendee is required to fulfil a membershift, make a food contribution to the Kitchen, and follow our Gathering Guidelines and Policies. Thank YOU! Have fun and play safe! 


Enjoy a week without money or commerce! Solstice is a vending-free gathering. We encourage you to bring homemade gifts to share with old and new friends alike, and gifting is encouraged, however Solstice Gathering reserves the right to ask any members found vending to leave.

Drumming mindfulness

Our drummers keep the dancers around the fires, playing the rhythm of their bodies. We ask all of our drummers to be respectful of our neighbours and campmates, and keep sounds to a minimum during the week. This means no drumming past 11pm - “WHEN THE BIG BALL DROPS, THE DRUMMING STOPS”. Once the sound systems start on Friday, drummers are welcome to play late into the night around the community fire.


Come Prepared

Being comfortable is the key to being happy. Make sure you have what you need to stay dry, warm and feeling good. 
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Bring your good vibes! By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others!
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What to bring

  • comfy shoes to walk, dance and play ...

  • your own rain-proof tent (or a permanent spot in someone else's) and a way to help easily identify your tent at night i.e. led tent light

  • sleeping mattress, sleeping bag, blanket, pillow

  • something to sit on i.e. camping chair, meditation pillow etc.

  • refillable water bottle, mug, bowl, plate, cutlery

  • cold-day clothing: toque, scarf, wool sweater, long underwear

  • hot-day clothing: loose fitting, light coloured, breathable fabric

  • rainy-day clothing and stuff: umbrella, tarp for campsite, rain jacket and pants, rubber boots etc.

  • extra underwear, extra socks

  • any swim gear you need i.e. swim suit , water shoes, 'floaties' for kids, towel/sarong etc. (FYI - swimming nude is totally acceptable at Solstice)

  • fun costumes (only eco-glitter please, and no feather boas  - they are too difficult to clean up after!)

  • small day pack

  • sunscreen, lip balm, sun block, sun hat, sunglasses

  • headlamp/flashlight with extra batteries, and reusable glow toys

  • earplugs

  • bug spray

  • hand sanitizer, extra toilet paper, diapers, wet-naps, and butt balm for the babies

  • brush, hair elastics, nail clippers

  • any and all toiletries you may need i.e. wash cloth, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant etc. 

  • any and all medications you need for the duration (meds, allergies, etc.)

  • condoms

  • deco and lights for your camp

  • gifts to share

  • small notebook and pen

  • small battery powered radio for your camp to listen to Om Radio at 92.7 (or you can stream @

  • small mirror for campsite

  • watch (so you don't miss that workshop or favourite DJ!)

  • kitchen contribution and Coffee Dome donations 

  • extra food and snacks for when you can't make it to the kind kitchen for meal times, plus a cooler for your campsite to keep everything fresh (bring high protein, fatty snacks - especially if you don't eat vegan very often) 

  • garbage bags for your camp (and extras to share) to take your trash and recycling home with you - leave no trace! (++ a small container to dispose of your cigarette butts if you are a smoker)

  • portable wagon to move your stuff from the car to your campsite and back again :)


What not to Bring

Personal sound systems or generators:

We all love our own style of music, but does everyone else? While the stages are going there will be music throughout the whole forest, so during the off-hours, let's reflect in the noises of the forest and the laughter of our friends. Bringing a small solar or crank-powered radio for Om Radio is acceptable, provided the volume is moderate in the campground.

Campfires and fireworks:

They are fun, but for safety and neighbour consideration, we must enforce a no fireworks policy! Also, no personal campfires. There are several designated community fire areas to enjoy. Please always be aware of fire safety when using fire-toys. If you see members with a renegade fire, feel empowered to remind them that personal fires are not permitted. Please reach out to Security or Vibe for support.

At our community fire-pits, firewood will be supplied. Please do not use wood from the camping areas. The forest needs this to remain healthy. Please use firewood sparingly. Firewood will be replenished once a day, and when it runs out, the fire will be allowed to die down until the following day.


Please leave all your glass at home. Pour liquid into portable containers, and ensure you have a travel mug and water vessel that are unbreakable - this means no ceramic either! Many members enjoy the earth beneath their feet - and knowing the gathering is glass free clears us of the worry over shatters and breaks. If you are found with glass it will be confiscated.


We truly understand our pets are part of our family, and we apologize for any inconvenience, however, we regret that Solstice does allow any pets. Members with pets will be asked to leave, so please find a sitter.