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Solstice Stages

Solstice is a week long gathering.
This year there will be a "solstice day party" Thursday JUNE 21st.
There will be music Friday night, Saturday night and all day Sunday on three glorious stages. There will also be folk music at hive on Wednesday, an open-mic untalent show on Thursday night and the sketch games on Sunday!

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Want to share your art?

The Stages of Solstice Gathering are opening up a form for submissions! We hope to hear from artists that desire to contribute to our community by volunteering to perform at Solstice. We are seeking people who DJ, VJ, perform Live Electronic music, as well as movement & deco artists. We hope to see our stages become more representative of the diversity that exists within our community and strongly encourage people who represent a diversity of genders, races, sexual orientations, and intersecting identities to submit their work.

In 2018 Stages will continue to be curated and individual stages will continue to invite artists to perform at each stage. We hope that this form will help us to connect with artists who are new to our community, new to their art, or otherwise unknown to us. 

Stage coordination is a 100% volunteer role. We do not have the capacity to respond to every artist that applies. Please know that we are listening & we are grateful for your submission.  

Big love from the stage coordination team!