Q: Can I take photographs?

A: You are welcome to take photographs. ORP has a photography policy in effect which is signed, along with your waiver, upon admittance. We ask that photographers obtain consent prior to taking any individual’s picture. We also ask that photographers do not sell images captured at Solstice. Lastly, we ask that you do not take photos at our beach area out of respect to others

Q: Is there drinking water available?

A: Yes! We have super-clean delicious fresh spring water from our site that has been professionally UV filtered and treated to ensure safe consumption. We test our water yearly.


A: Yes! Bring yourself a non-ceramic plate and bowl to eat from during the week. This can be metal, plastic, wood, or even coconut shell, as long as it won't break on the forest floor. You will also need to bring a spoon, fork, and knife. Please do not leave these things in the Kitchen area - they should travel with you. Ensure you pack your travel mug to enjoy hot and cold drinks. Most importantly, remember your water bottle! Dishwashing stations will be provided.

Q: What else should I bring?

A:  See a list in our Survival Guide section. Kitchen contributions!

Q: Please remind me of your 2018 policies 


We all love our own style of music, but does everyone else? While the stages are going there will be music throughout the whole forest, so during the off-hours, let’s reflect in the noises of the forest and the laughter of our friends. Bringing a small battery, solar or crank-powered radio for Om Radio is acceptable, provided the volume is moderate in the campground.


An easy one to forget but while packing, please leave all your glass at home. Pour liquid into portable containers, and ensure you have a travel mug and water vessel that are unbreakable - this means no ceramic either. Many members enjoy the earth beneath their feet - and knowing the gathering is glass free clears us of the worry over shatters and breaks.


They are fun, but for safety and neighbour consideration, we must enforce a no fireworks policy! Also, no personal campfires. There are several designated fire areas to enjoy. Please always be aware of fire safety when using fire-toys. If you see members having a renegade fire, feel empowered to remind them that is not permitted.


At our community fire-pits, firewood will be supplied. Please do not use wood from the camping areas. The forest needs this to remain healthy. Wood will be delivered to each area daily, and once the wood is gone for the day, the fire will be allowed to die down until tomorrow.

Q: Where can I set up my table for vending?

A: Solstice is a vending-free gathering. Enjoy a week without money or commerce! We encourage you to bring homemade gifts to share with old and new friends alike. When we gift for the joy of it, payment is received in the experience, and the gift is more heartfelt when there is no expectation of return.


A: We do not have shower facilities, however there is a pond that members swim in. Please do not bring bath products however, we do not allow use of them in the pond.

Q: What does “LEAVE NO TRACE” mean?

A: You are responsible for your own campsite.  YOU MUST pack out what you pack in! Walk with grace, leave no trace. There are no trash bins or dumpsters provided, so please just never let it hit the ground. After the Gathering, walk your campsite like a grid and pick up anything that does not belong in the forest. Twist ties, wires, string, plastic caps. It all needs to go with you. Leave no trace.