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This year we are once again offering up a place of Sanctuary, for the night time hours Thursday to Sunday. This is a safe, supportive space for anyone who needs to take a break from the rush, noise and intensity of the music and chaos. A place for a “time out” from the experience. Festivals can be intense... we are here for support if you encounter any emotional or psychological stress during your journey at the gathering.

The Sanctuary is tucked safely away from the loud music, so you can enjoy a time of peace and security. It is located in the same area as C.A.L.M. in the daytime - across the bridge, past the Kind Kitchen. Should you need, our friends at Vibe Patrol and the Health and Safety tents will be happy to guide you there.

Sanctuary helpers can assist with providing a calm, quiet space to sit or lay down. They are here to lend an ear if you wish to talk, to check-in with how someone is doing or what they are feeling, and assist in moving through any challenging experiences. The philosophy behind this space is that no one should have to go through a difficult time alone if they don’t want to.

Feel called to be a Sanctuary helper? Apply here

Have any questions or feedback for the Sanctuary? We’d love to hear from you.