Safer Spaces


Safer Spaces

What is Safer Spaces and Why does it exist?

For folks who experience daily systemic oppression and for survivors of violence, going to a beautiful gathering in the woods is not necessarily an escape from the pain, fear, frustration and isolation that oppression and violence so often create.  

The Safer Spaces Initiative aims to create a place where members are welcome to share, to listen, to connect and to heal through talking circles.  Safer Spaces is also an ethical and community commitment to work together to create an experience of safety, belonging, inclusion and equality for everyone, everywhere across the festival grounds. We work to help open up room for collaborative processing -- for feeling through, navigating and addressing many of the sensitive realities and real world issues that are often unacknowledged, minimized or silenced, especially in a festival setting.

Talking Circles

Safer Spaces is a vital part of the Solstice Wellness Area (C.A.L.M., Sanctuary, Kind Kitchen and Safer Spaces). We work to create a culture, a place and ample opportunities for health, healing, expression, exploration, learning, letting go, self-care, sharing, support and solidarity. We offer peer support circles daily -- for gender non-binary folks; for womyn; for men; for Indigenous people; for people of colour; for queer folks; for people with disabilities, for people struggling with mental health issues, for people of size and for low-income folks, etc. We also offer daily support circles for survivors of sexualized violence as well as an information and resource table with materials for folks to take home.  New this year is an onsite Safer Spaces collaborative art experience.

Does the above resonate with you?

Submissions for both Crew and Facilitator positions are still open!

*Facilitating hours can contribute towards either Crew hour requirements or membershifts*

Interested in working with us, but only planning to be at the Gathering for a short time? Consider requesting to do your membershift with us.

We would love to hear any requests and feedback regarding your experience with Safer Spaces  - 

Safer Spaces is a place where members can share and heal through talking circles about the challenges they face. It is geared towards opening room for discussion of the realities and real world issues that are often silenced and unacknowledged, especially in a festival setting.