Q: When will the location be available?

A: Our sweet gathering site is made available to those with Solstice 2018 membership. It is approximately 2hrs northwest of Toronto by car. You will be emailed directions along with your membership payment confirmation once you have completed your registration process and payment. 

Q: Can I bring my camper or sleep-in van or bus?

A: Most certainly! You will be directed to park along the edges of the forest in the parking lot. Note however that generators are not allowed, nor does Solstice provide power for your vehicles.

This year, 2018, Solstice requires RVs to pre register and purchase parking passes.


Q: Will there be somewhere I can charge my phone?

A: Not this year, sorry.  

Q: What about power for my things?

A: Solstice Gathering does not allow personal generators due to safety concerns, not to mention the noise they make and the exhaust they create, so please don't plan to bring them. You can, however, use your own battery packs or solar power battery chargers. If you feel you have a medical condition or accessibility need that could require power, please email