Health and Safety

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Health and Safety

Promoting the Well-being of the Community

We want everyone to be safe, healthy and happy at Solstice! As a community, we are responsible for our collective well-being. We are all in the forest together and it takes everyone to create an environment that’s physically and emotionally safe and welcoming. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your friends and check in with your camp mates throughout the week.

Protect your health and well-being
The gathering can be in intense place. Try your best to get enough rest, keep well hydrated, eat regularly, party responsibly, take your prescribed medications, swim with a buddy, protect yourself from the sun and access emotional support from friends. Don’t forget to use proper knife technique in the kitchen to avoid cuts (see the Kitchen posters to learn how!). Consider coming to a Women's or a Men’s circle at Safer Space, attending a health-related Workshop or yoga class or going to C.A.L.M. for a massage or other body treatment.

Need a band-aid, some medicine, bug spray, condoms or earplugs?
We’ve got you covered! Drop by the Health and Safety tent just past the kitchen to access our self-serve community first aid supplies, over the counter medicines, self-care and harm reduction supplies. Don’t forget to fill out the log book and give us suggestions for new things you’d like to see stocked at the Health and Safety Tent.

Got an injury or medical issue you’d like some help with?
Visit Adam and his fellow friendly and helpful Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) located near Centre Camp. These trained paramedics, nurses and other health professionals can give medical advice and provide medical care and first aid. They can also direct you to medical care in the area, including the local hospital, walk-in clinics and emergency dental care.

Are you concerned about someone? Need to report a lost child? Is there some kind of  emergency?
Go to one of the walkie-talkie “phone booths” at the health and safety tent, kitchen, centre camp, CALM, each stage, island or children’s village. You’ll find these lit plastic boxes hanging at eye level from trees or domes with a first aid symbol on them. Open the box, turn the walkie-talkie on, press and hold the button on the side and ask for assistance. Our health and safety team (including the EMRs!) will be happy to assist you. We offer non-judgmental care and support around the clock all week.

Need a place to chill?
Visit Sanctuary near C.A.L.M., a safe, welcoming and calm place to relax and ground yourself.

Have you met our Vibe Patrol?
You can recognize our friendly Vibe Patrol by their psychedelic crossing guard sashes! You may see them in groups of two or three with patrol bags and walkie-talkies, checking the walkie-talkie “phone booths”, refilling water jugs at Places and Spaces and bringing platters of fruit to people dancing at sunrise. Vibe Patrollers keep an eye out for people who are having difficulty, guide and reorient lost campers and are generally helpful and awesome! They can easily connect you to the rest of the Health and Safety Team, including the Emergency Medical Responders.

For any Health and Safety Concerns at Solstice, go to one of the walkie-talkie phone booths, visit the Health and Safety tent near the Kitchen or the Emergency Medical Responder station by Centre Camp. For any Health and Safety concerns before or after Solstice - write to us


Membershifts with Health and Safety

Vibe Patrol
The always-smiling Vibe Patrollers are happily roaming throughout the gathering, making sure that people are safe, healthy and full of positive vibes! These responsible members have some health, mental health, first aid, healing or crisis de-escalation training. Sign up at Centre Camp for your Membershift with Vibe Patrol and report to the Health and Safety tent near the Kitchen for your shift! Email for more info.

Crisis De-escalation Workshop  
Have you ever seen someone having a psychedelic crisis? Do you have the skills to help in that kind of situation? This fun hands-on workshop will teach you the basics of how to understand and intervene safely in a mental health crisis. Health and Safety has been teaching this workshop since 2009! Hundreds of community members have been trained, increasing our capacity to help others. Join us during Solstice at the Health and Safety Tent at 1:30pm on Wednesday. All Vibe Patrollers are strongly encouraged to attend.

Want to learn more about Health and Safety?
Email us at