Family Camp

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Family Camp

Where kids can be as rowdy as the parents!

This year's Family Camp is going to be bigger, more developed and even more fun! Our vision is to foster a family-centric, communal area where babies, toddlers, children of all ages, parents and caregivers can share space to be more easily supported and entertained in wholesome silly fun. A space for families to grow and learn together while immersed in nature and creative community! 

Solstice Family camp is  outfitted with a family KYBO, DIY family kitchen, tables for eating, forested and sunny play areas, plus an arts and craft dome!  

This whole area is supervised and managed by parents, caregivers and volunteers on duty each day who select Family Camp to do their membershift.

We need all hands on deck to keep the space organized and tidy,  kitchen clean, wash stations managed and daily activities happening which will engage the kids in the magic of the forest and our community!

We rely on our family and friends to support this mega wonderland vision to make it a brilliant reality.

During the week, scheduled activities take place in the camp for those families seeking regular schedules and more structured activities.  As well, there will be a few special events not to be missed!  

Join our Family Camp Facebook group for regular updates, ask questions, and to connect with other families in advance!

Family Food

Please remember to contribute vegan, nut-free, kid-friendly snacks donations for the Family Camp communal kitchen in addition to your usual Kind Kitchen contribution if you intend to spend time in the area. We hope to foster a healthy and communal snack environment to keep our children well-nourished in between meals.

The Family Camp kitchen acts as a satellite to the Kind Kitchen, so during meal times, some food will be transported to family camp from the Kind Kitchen to help out families who might have difficulties making it to the main location on a regular schedule.

Special Events!

Kids talent show and dance party! on Wednesday afternoon
Family movie night! on Thursday evening in the Family Camp dome

Family Workshops

This year there will be a new workshop stream at Solstice specifically aimed at children, their families and allies!

Family Safety AND GUIDANCE

We are striving to make Solstice Gathering a family and child friendly event, and ask that parents participate in helping to create a safer environment for children throughout the festival.

Inclusivity, respect, self care and reliance are some of the key teachings we hope children can practice at Solstice. Family Camp hopes to foster a kid-led space for nature exploration and play while maintaining strong roots in community dynamics and responsibility.

Family Camp is not a daycare, and we take parent accountability very seriously at Solstice. Family safety guidelines will be reviewed at the gate. Please take the time to read them it in advance of your arrival! Children 10 and under are free; however, they must also register for a membership when parents/caregivers purchase theirs. Everyone, including children, will be required to show id upon arrival.  Please also bring a walkie talkie type device if your child is of the age where being far away is likely to occur. Talk to your children about safety and your expectations before arriving at the gathering!

Thank You

This whole area is supervised and managed by parents, caregivers, and volunteers on duty each day. We need support from everyone to keep the space organized, kitchen clean, wash stations managed and fun forest activities planned for the kids!
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Family Camp Schedule

9am breakfast
11am circle time!!
1pm lunch
2pm let's get crafty!!  
3pm snack
4pm game time!!
6pm dinner

*Before every meal - please arrive early for communal clean up time! Times above are approximate.