Community Guidelines

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We hear PLUR a lot in our community but what does this really mean? It’s just as it says -- be peaceful, act lovingly, remember we are united and be respectful! Every member is expected to conduct themselves with honour, respect, compassion while at the gathering. We have fun, and trust each members will do so in a responsible manner, not at the cost of anyone else's enjoyment. Any kind of violence or abuse (physical, sexual, verbal or emotional) will not be tolerated, and members will be asked to leave if their actions are deemed inappropriate by Om Reunion Project.

Should you see someone not having a good time because of another member, please bring it to the attention of Security, Centre Camp or Health and Safety. Please party responsibly and take care of yourselves and your campmates.


LEave no trace

Leaving No Trace is an essential core value of Om Reunion Project. “Pack it in, pack it out.”

What does Leave No Trace mean?
Leave extra packaging at home, bring bags for your recycling and garbage and leave space in your vehicle to transport it out. During your stay in the forest - keep your campsite clean, pick up as you go along, don’t let it hit the ground, and if it does, pick it up! Please also pay attention to the little things. Untie every string and pick up every twist tie, bottle cap and tiny shiny sequin. It’s the little things that add up! This makes clean-up efforts way easier for everyone. Solstice gathering does not plan or budget to dispose of its member's trash. There are no communal garbage or recycling facilities on site, because your waste is your responsibility. 
Please plan with this in mind. Thank you!

Think about where you are going to put your cigarette butts! Many members bring portable ashtrays, film canisters or tins for butt collection, which can be emptied into your campsite garbage bag. What's your plan? Each member is responsible to keep the forest and land as pristine as it is when we arrive.  We must leave it beautiful!!



Many hands make light work, and at Solstice, 'Everyone is a Participant!'. There's a tonne of effort that goes into making Solstice happen every year, and without member contributions in time and energy, this gathering would simply not happen. There are many options to plug in and contribute. Some people join coordinating teams and help to plan, months in advance. Others spend time on the land as long-crew preparing in advance for the incoming festivities, and staying behind to tear down and care for the land, long after everyone else is gone.  Kitchen crews, stage crews, health and safety, workshops, safer spaces, sanctuary, calm and family camp - all these areas have come to fruition through the love and attention of committed members. For those who are limited in time - we still need you to lend a hand during the gathering by taking on at least one membershift somewhere in the gathering. In addition to this, think about other ways you can give back to enrich this community. This might be in the form of an artists performance, DJ or VJ set, workshop, theme camp, healing modality etc. Thank you!