Safer Spaces, CALM, Sanctuary & Health and Safety --> June 3rd


Safer Spaces is a place where members can ground, learn, and heal through talking circles about the challenges they face. It is geared towards opening room for discussion of the realities and real world issues that are often silenced and unacknowledged, especially in a festival setting.

In 2018, Safer Spaces will join the wellness area near C.A.L.M. Like previous years, we will offer separate peer support circles for womyn, men, non-binary, fluid and a-gendered folks, people of colour, and survivors of sexual violence. As well, we will host circles addressing racism, privilege, experiences of recovery, decolonization, mental wellness, ability and class.

  • WE STILL NEED CREW MEMBERS: If you would like to participate as a crew member at Safer Space, feel free to apply here OR DO YOUR MEMBERSHIFT WITH US: If you are interested in facilitating a talking circle, please apply here.  (Facilitation hours count towards either crew or membershift commitments). Consider spending your membershift with us! We would also love to hear any dreams, inspiration or feedback regarding your queries about and experience with Safer Spaces at Solstice -

We acknowledge and recognize the social and economic accessibility issues that exist in and outside of Solstice. Safer Spaces creates dialogue and awareness and offers peer support with an aim to help politicize and ground Solstice to become a more holistic, transformative, and restorative gathering.


Did you know that C.A.L.M. stands for “Centre for Alternative Living Medicine”?

This year, C.A.L.M invites you to explore the theme of Inner Alchemy and Self Transformation. With the support of skilled practitioners from a variety of different mediums; including Body Work, Energy Work, Oracle Readings and mixed counselling modalities, C.A.L.M is a place that is designed to enrich your healing journey.

Healing starts with Self and we come together to share in our Journeys the wisdoms that our experiences and studies have acquired us. Join us in the co creation of a space dedicated to empowering Self Realization and Healing through our Workshops and other Offerings.

We welcome practitioners to sign up for a Membershift and/or submit a workshop at C.A.L.M. For those seeking to receive a treatment, or simply curious about what is being offered, drop by C.A.L.M. to peruse this year’s practitioner/services list, and sign up for a treatment.

1 on 1 sessions are booked between Tuesday and Saturday at 10am, 12pm and 2pm for that day.


Overnight between Thursday to Sunday we offer a safe, supportive space for anyone who needs to take a break from the rush, noise and intensity of the experience. We are here for support if you encounter any  stress during your journey at the gathering. The Sanctuary is tucked safely away from the loud music, so you can enjoy a time of peace and security. It is located in the same area as C.A.L.M. in the daytime - across the bridge, past the Kind Kitchen. Should you need, our friends at Vibe Patrol and the Health and Safety tents will be happy to guide you there.


Thank you to all of our VIBE Crew and VIBE who were invaluable in promoting and protecting the wellbeing of our community during the gathering last year!

Still considering joining a Crew? VIBE Crew wants you!

We are currently recruiting for VIBE Crew! If you care about keeping our community healthy and happy, and would like to develop your leadership skills, VIBE Crew may be the team for you!  As VIBE Crew, you may help to:

  • Orient and lead teams of VIBE during Membershifts (using Walkie-Talkies, yay!)

  • Manage operations at the Health & Safety Tent.

  • Collaborate with your fellow VIBE Crew, VIBE Members, and teams from other areas.

  • Help people in distress, and provide nonjudgmental support to fellow community members in need. 

Crew not for you, but still want to get involved? Try a VIBE Membershift!

Please consider signing up for VIBE as your Membershift at Centre Camp when you arrive. With VIBE, you may help to:

  • Patrol the land in teams, and collaborate with fellow VIBE, and your VIBE Crew leaders (using Walkie-Talkies, yay!)

  • Provide basic First Aid and Harm Reduction supplies, electrolytes and treats!

  • Insure that specific Health & Safety areas and services are well stocked and in good working order. 

  • Reorient lost campers, protect the vibe, and provide nonjudgmental help and support to fellow community members in need. 

Health & Safety is seeking donations!

Do you have any second hand blankets, sleeping bags, portable battery packs for cell phone charging, or basic cell phones (think flip phones, NOT smartphones) complete with their charging cables and compatible with a FIDO sim card, that you’ve been dying find a home for? We need them!  Please contact us at to find out where you can drop them off before the gathering, or bring them by the H&S Tent once you arrive on the land.

Thoughts or suggestions?

Please reach out to We’d love to hear from you!

If you are inspired by what you are reading and want to get more involved we invite you to apply for Solstice 2018 crew. Just click here to connect to our crew application.

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