Om Radio; Lacunarüm; Themecamps --> May 23rd

It’s Spring! Solstice is closer than you think and memberships are now on sale.

Our whole team is busy getting ready, planning, preparing, processing crew and getting the word out there. We’re so excited and we hope you are too! Now is the time to plan your camp and invite your friends. Solstice is magic because of people like YOU who give their love and energy into making the forest into a playground. If you are on Facebook, you can share the event page with your friends!



Whether you’re at the Gathering or just wishing you were, keep up with what’s happening through Om Radio. We can be found online at or over the airwaves if you’re on the land.

Want to participate? We’ll be reserving radio show timeslots and are looking for Noon News contributors. Email us at to sign up in advance, or drop by the radio booth once you’re there.

And everyone: Don't forget to bring your radios!

Stay cool!

Om Radio


Art Department  

Artistic expression is a deeply embedded root to our week-long gathering and we couldn’t have that without the creative contributions from our members. If you make art, we encourage you to read on and act fast!

Art Installations and Grants

Are you already working on an installation? Have a finished piece you’re dying to show off? Got an idea you’d like to bring to life?  

We invite you to bring your interactive, silly, thought provoking, BIG and small works of art to the gathering for all to engage with!
Please fill out this form to register your work whether or not you as asking for any grant support.  Deadlines for submissions end oh so soon! June 1st!


The Art Department is looking for organized, handy, creative go getters to join our crew for setup or teardown at the Lacunaüm! Send us an email after you have filled out the crew form to continue the conversation and please let your friends know who you think would be interested:

Membershifts with Lacunarüm

You will be helping us tidy up by washing paint brushes, reorganizing the paint station, paint signs for other areas and overall get to hang out in a cozy space. Be sure to sign up for your shift upon arrival to the gathering 😊



Theme camps are spaces to play, laugh, learn, heal, dream, build friendships, and create a unique experience that will touch the hearts and minds of all the happy forest dwellers! Your space can be something fun, fantastic, educational, profound, absurd, therapeutic, productive, socially active, blissful, theatrical, etc.

Simply fill out the application form or e-mail (with “Themecamp” in the subject heading) with the details of your vision, and your leave no trace plan of action. Other useful details include: how much space do you need (how many tents?), open space or do you need many trees around to hang things? would you prefer a quieter space or somewhere in the middle of all the action? Remember, the sooner we learn about your idea, the better we can facilitate it.

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