Coffee, Family Camp, Workshops & Drop in Dates --> May 29th

Can you believe that the gate at Solstice Gathering 2018 opens in less than a month on Monday June 18th?

Everyone works hard to make Solstice magical!

Solstice is a community-run gathering and all of our members make Solstice happen, and make it awesome! Many hands make light work, so, we do ask that you contribute some of your time at the gathering and do MemberShift. All members will choose their shift on arrival at centre camp. When we do our MemberShifts we each become an essential part of the gathering as a whole.

Engagement, Empowerment, Enjoyment.

Each member can engage on a personal level.

Each member can feel empowered to contribute.

Everyone can enjoy themselves while contributing!!


Come one, come all! We've got your Java fix covered at the Coffee D’OM. Centre Camp Coffee D’OM will be running all day, Monday to Sunday, while Root Coffee D’OM runs 24hrs all weekend. Our team of expert brewers (that’s you!) can satisfy the general Solstice coffee-cravings, while our familiar cafe-atmosphere gives you a space to call home.

Now, we can't do all of this without your help! While we do provide most of what you'll need, donations are needed and welcome! Want to contribute? Here's what we could use:

  • Dairy- and nut-free milks: soy, coconut, hemp, etc. (nut milks, like almond and cashew, are not allowed due to allergies!)

  • Yummy additives, like cinnamon, agave, maple syrup, coconut milk, cocoa and the like.

  • Quality coarse ground (French press) coffee beans; buy local, organic and fair trade if possible (avoid big coffee shop chains if you can)

  • Please bring donations to the Centre Camp Coffee D’OM (not the kitchen).

Lastly, please remember to bring your own mug!

Thanks for your help. We can't wait to see you at the Coffee D’OM!



Family camp is growing! We have a family friendly camping area, play space, arts and crafts craft dome, communal DIY family kitchen, PLUS …. NEW this year ... daily circle time!  Our Solstice family funtacular is intended to provide a play-space where groups of babies, toddlers and children can be easily entertained and supervised by parents, caregivers and our fabulous community. While Family Camp is not meant to be a daycare, parents/caregivers are welcome to make personal agreements with other parents/caregivers to share childcare responsibilities.  

We encourage families to camp near this area and help to coordinate a safer collective family environment, organizing workshops, playshops, games, and other children's activities.

We strive to make Solstice a family and child friendly event, and ask that parents participate in the creation of a safe and responsible environment throughout the gathering. It takes a village after all :)  While the Solstice organizers are working to foster a child-safe environment YOU are responsible for the safety and whereabouts of your children at all times!

Children 10 and under DO NOT require memberships! It’s helpful to come prepared to the gate with everything you need to get your family into the gathering quickly and effortlessly.  Please read the Solstice parental agreement before arriving on the land!

Please check out the website for more Family Camp details and daily schedules, if you have any questions or want to get plugged into the Family Camp excitement!

And finally … join our Solstice Family Camp FB Group to connect with other family campers and have all your questions answered!



At Solstice, we love learning! Workshops are all about engagement and skill-sharing. Member-developed programming can be found throughout the gathering.  The workshop crew is committed to creating a welcoming space that can support the exchange of ideas and help members to learn, share and grow.

Workshop submissions for 2018 are now closed. However, you can check out the workshop board throughout the week to see if any free spaces have popped up.

Contact for more info.



Not a fan of purchasing online? That’s okay! Eva Whateva will be hosting 2 drop in days where you can buy a membership with cash. We would appreciate it if you could bring exact change ($255).

Drop-in dates

  1. June 3 12pm - 5pm

  2. June 9 12pm - 5pm

  3. June 16 12pm - 5pm


227 Sterling Rd. Unit 109 - the door is on the corner of the building by the fire escape and it is turquoise with a Bass-flower Solstice Logo.

From Landsdowne subway station:

Cross to the south side of Bloor St. and walk west towards the train tracks, past Value Village. Turn left and go up the stairway that leads between the condo and townhouses to Merchant Lane. Look right and you will be facing the Sterling Lofts.

From Dundas West Station:

Turn right and go to Bloor. walk east along Bloor under the train tracks, past Sterling Rd (at the lights). Turn right onto Ruttan St. Ahead of you will be the Sterling Lofts building and parking lot. Walk along Merchant Lane (on your left) until you reach the corner of the building/alleyway.

Gathering Guidelines AKA PEACE, LOVE, UNITY & RESPECT (P.L.U.R)

We hear PLUR a lot in our community but what does it really mean? It’s just as it says, be peaceful, act lovingly, remember we are united and be respectful! When you sign up for membership to our gathering you agree to the act within these parameters:

  1. Respect yourself

  2. Respect others

  3. Respect the land.

  4. Leave no trace

  5. Respect the local laws and customs.

Every member is expected to conduct themselves with honour, respect, compassion and in a responsible manner while at the gathering. We are here to have fun, but let that not be at the cost of someone else's enjoyment. Any kind of violence or abuse (physical, sexual, verbal or emotional) will not be tolerated, and members will be asked to leave if their actions are deemed inappropriate by the gathering organizers.

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