Artist expression is a powerful force within our community!
It awakens our innermost dreams and invites others to explore our realities. It opens up conversations and deepens the bond between us and all of life. And so, we invite you to come learn, share and explore all week long with our environmentally friendly paints at our creative portal, the Lacunarüm. Remember, life is a collaboration! 


There are many wooden panels inside to lay your brush upon, so please:

Respect the space by not painting the skeleton of the structure, nor the rain cover attached. And most importantly, respect the forest by not laying your brush upon any living or dead plants, trees nor rocks. Please feel free to spread this awareness to other members in and near by the space if you see someone harming the forest, or the structure. 


Art Installation Grants

If you have not heard, we are on the lookout for art installations on the grand scale and would love to support our members. Submissions end June 1st! Please check out and fill out this form to find out more and make your dreams become reality~


Membershifts and Crew

Membershifters: You will be helping us by welcoming members to the Lacunarüm and giving them the guidelines to respecting the space, painting signs for the forest paths from the list provided and washing and tidying up the paints and brushes station. 

Interested in contributing beyond and above just your membershift?
We're looking for folks who are comfortable with climbing tall latters, cutting wood, digging trenches, painting signs, etc. We are also looking for permaculture-skilled persons to assist in any and many ways surrounding paint water filtration. 

We will need your assistance pre and post gathering.
Please do get in touch if you feel called to work with us!
We are eager to hear from you ❤
Email us ::