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Want to share your ART?

Art for Stages

The Stages of Solstice Gathering are opening up a forum for submissions! We hope to hear from artists that desire to contribute to our community by volunteering to perform at Solstice. We are seeking people who DJ, VJ, perform Live Electronic music, as well as movement & deco artists. We hope to see our stages become more representative of the diversity that exists within our community and strongly encourage people who represent a diversity of genders, races, sexual orientations, and intersecting identities to submit their work.

Stage coordination is a 100% volunteer role. We do not have the capacity to respond to every artist that applies. Please know that we are listening & we are grateful for your submission.  

Big love from the stage coordination team! 

Art Installation Grants

If you have not heard, we are on the lookout for art installations on the grand scale and would love to support our members. Submissions end May 1st! Please fill out this form to make your dreams become a reality~


Get involved! Join CREW!

We are actively building our various Crews for Solstice 2018, and are seeking helping hands, minds and hearts. A lot of passion goes into every aspect of creating our beautiful gathering, and we wouldn’t be able to keep it running without your support. A commitment to a Solstice Crew means dedicating extra time above the standard 6-hour Membershift, working on a deeper level to ensure the smooth running of the event in exchange for a reduced membership.

Submit your Crew Application today! We assign Crew based on area needs, previous experience and available commitment. 

If you have received confirmation from us regarding this year’s Crew, please wait to purchase your membership, as our webteam will email all crew members when their info has been finalized. If you are unsure of your Crew status, or if you have questions or need support, crew@solsticegathering.ca.

For Returning Crew:

Many areas have crew we’ve been working with for years - we already know we work well together. So no need to register again with the form. Please get in touch with your area coordinator to sign up for this year’s shifts, or contact crew@solsticegathering.ca if you have questions.