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Gathering Guidelines

  1. Respect yourself
  2. Respect others
  3. Respect the land
  4. Leave no trace
  5. Respect the local laws and customs 


Leave No Trace

An essential core value of ORP:

pack it in, pack it out!”. 


We do not supply garbage bins. Each member is responsible for their garbage - at their campsites and around the gathering. Please bring extra bags with you, collecting as you go. We always leave the land as beautiful as when we arrived, so please don't force Tear Down Crew to deal with your mess. Learn more below!


A classic phrase we expect all of our members abide by, to practice with each other, and with ourselves: be peaceful, act lovingly, united as family, behaving respectfully. We have fun, and trust each members will do so in a honourable, compassionate and responsible manner - not at the cost of anyone else's enjoyment.


Any kind of violence or abuse (physical, sexual, verbal or emotional) will not be tolerated, and members will be asked to leave if their actions are deemed inappropriate by Om Reunion Project. Should you see someone not having a good time because of another member, please bring it to the attention of Security, Centre Camp or Health and Safety. Please party responsibly and take care of yourselves and your campmates.


Enjoy a week without money or commerce! Solstice is a vending-free gathering. We encourage you to bring homemade gifts to share with old and new friends alike. A gift is more heartfelt when there is no expectation of return. 


Drumming mindfulness

Our drummers keep the dancers around the fires, playing the rhythm of their bodies. We ask all of our drummers to be respectful of our neighbours and campmates, and keep sounds to a minimum during the week. This means no drumming past 11pm - “when the big ball drops, the drumming stops”. Once the sound systems start on Friday, drummers are welcome to play late into the night around the community fire.

Learn more

Highlights of our offerings

7 full days of camping in a beautiful Ontario forest filled with laughter, art installations and Theme Camps including an extensive Family Camp. Journey into dance with 3 dynamic stages of sound running through the weekend, as well as several unique additional performances and events over the course of the week. Our nut-free vegan Kind Kitchen serves wholesome filling meals, along with snacks and fresh spring water to drink, while our Tea Tent and Coffee Dome offer other delicious brews. Swimming, sunbathing, yoga, workshops, drumming, conversations and time well spent in hammocks awaits.

Your membershift explained

Part of your Solstice membership commitment is your membershift. Since we don’t hire staff, we rely on the support from our members keeps the gathering flowing. Not only an excellent way to meet new friends, your membershift is an opportunity to be involved in the process - leaving you with the knowledge that your contribution helped make it all happen.


Responsibilities and hours will vary depending on where you choose to do your membershift. Check out our various areas to get acquainted with their requirements. Scheduling takes place upon arrival at Centre Camp, so don't worry if you're not sure exactly which to pick yet. Please come prepared for the duration of your shift, including a bag with necessities such as water, appropriate clothing for shifting hours, and snacks!


Some membershift examples: prepping and cooking in the Kind Kitchen, building Stages, getting dirty with Land Maintenance, supporting the community through Health and Safety / Vibe Patrol, greeting, orienting, scheduling and parking support for the Gate and Centre Camp, brew coffee at Coffee d'OM.

Other ways to get involved

Beyond your membershift, you may also want to host a workshop, offer treatments at C.A.L.M., co-facilitate a talking circle at Safer Space, brew at the Tea Tent, and of course, extra hands are always useful - just ask!


We are still actively looking for Crew. These are members who can commit longer hours beyond a membershift during the gathering in exchange for a reduced membership. Email to apply!

Leave No Trace practice

An essential core value of ORP:pack it in, pack it out!. We do not supply garbage bins. Each member is responsible for their garbage - at their campsites and around the gathering. Please bring extra bags with you, collecting as you go. We always leave the land as beautiful as when we arrived, so don't force Tear Down Crew to deal with your stuff.

Some tips

Remove extra packaging at home, bring garbage and recycling bags for your campsite and your day-bag, and to hand out to those in need. Keep your campsite clean by picking up as you go along. This makes wrap-up easier on your way home. Remember to leave space in your vehicle to transport it out too!


Rope and string will strangle trees if left attached. Local wildlife might choke on all the little things that end up on the forest floor. Please untie every knot, and pick up every sequin! This includes cigarette butts! If you're a smoker, think about a plan for your butts - bring a portable ashtray, film canister or tin.


If you see someone littering in the forest, feel empowered to remind them about our LNT practice. Curious about how we compare to other music events? Check out this article from Fest 300 to see how garbage is managed.

What to bring

- your own tent or permanent spot in someone else's

- sleeping mattress / sleeping bag / blanket / pillow

- water bottle / mug / bowl / plate / cutlery

- cold-night clothing: toque / scarf / wool sweater / long underwear

- rain-day clothing: rain jacket and pants / rubber boots / extra socks

- hot-day clothing: loose fitting, light coloured, breathable fabric

- sunscreen / sun block / hat

- headlamp / flashlight

- costumes / deco for your camp / gifts to share

- something to sit on

- your Kitchen contribution / snacks / animal-proof cooler for your campsite

- garbage bags to practice Leave No Trace

- earplugs / any and all medications you need (allergies, prescriptions, etc)

What NOT to bring


An easy one to forget but while packing, please leave all your glass at home. Pour liquid into portable containers, and ensure you have a travel mug and water vessel that are unbreakable - this means no ceramic either. Many members enjoy the earth beneath their feet - and knowing the gathering is glass free clears us of the worry over shatters and breaks. 



We regret that Solstice will not be offering dog memberships this year. We truly understand our dogs are part of our family, and we apologize for any inconvenience. We will be enforcing a strict no tolerance to dogs to the land, so please find a sitter. 


Generators and amplified sound systems

We all love our own style of music, but does everyone else? While the stages are going there will be music throughout the whole forest, so during the off-hours, lets reflect in the noises of the forest and the laugher of our friends. Bringing a small radio for Om Radio is acceptable, provided the volume is moderate in the campground.


Fireworks and personal campfires

They are fun, but for safety and neighbour consideration, we must enforce a no fireworks policy! Also, no personal campfires. There are several designated fire areas to enjoy. Please always be aware of fire safety when using fire-toys. If you see a renegade fire, feel empowered to remind them that is not permitted.


At our community fire-pits, firewood will be supplied. Please do not use wood from the camping areas. The forest needs this to remain healthy. If you see the wood has run low, please let Centre Camp know.



Solstice is a vending-free gathering. Enjoy a week without money or commerce! We encourage you to bring homemade gifts to share with old and new friends alike. When we gift for the joy of it, payment is received in the experience, and the gift is more heartfelt when there is no expectation of return.  


You no longer need to log into the Solstice site !!!


Just click the Orange text link to purchase your membership. 


Sorry for any confusion. 

Below are a few extra details. Read on or jump right in!

2017 membership pricing



Early Bird: $180 - SOLD OUT 


General: $210


Late Owl: $250


RV Parking Pass: $100


(Prices do not include HST or service fees)

Children 10 and younger are free

Solstice is a family friendly event. Children 10 and under are free. They do however need to be registered with Brown Paper Tickets as members. Parents/guardians please do so when you purchase your membership.

Pre-teens and teens

If you are planning to accompany your child who is over 10 but under 18 please contact for more info.

Purchasing multiple memberships

You can purchase for your friends via Brown Paper Tickets please make sure to enter their legal name as we are checking ID at the gate upon arrival. 

Purchasing with cash

Do you want to use cash to purchase your membership? We will be hosting cash purchase drop in day's (only in Toronto). These dates will be announced soon!

Crew and Performer information

 If you are unsure of your Crew or Performer status, please contact

Terms and conditions

Solstice 2017 presented by Om Reunion Project is a members-only celebration. You are required to purchase a membership for admittance as we do not sell tickets. Upon arrival at the Gate, all members will be required to provide valid ID matching their membership. Solstice memberships require an additional commitment: each member will fulfil a membershift on-site, bring a food contribution to the Kind Kitchen and engage in positive participation. As well, every attendee becomes a member of the community and must adhere to our Leave No Trace practice and the Gathering Guidelines: 1. Respect yourself; 2. Respect others; 3. Respect the land; 4. Leave no trace; 5. Respect the local laws and customs.

All other membership questions answered in our FAQ!

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