Safer Space


Safer Spaces is a space that is geared towards opening room for discussion of realities and real world issues that are often silenced and unacknowledged, especially in a party setting. Safer Spaces is a space where people can come and ground, learn, and heal through workshops and talking circles. Safer Space strives to practice non-judgemental active listening, anti-oppressive speech and behaviour, inclusivity and accessibility.  Safer spaces intends to amplify marginalised voices and issues that are often unheard or inaccessible. If people feel the need to discuss important topics such as consent, rape, or abuse, it is our hope that the guided Safer Space circles will be an effective communication tool.


Safer Spaces aims to help politicize and ground Solstice to become a more holistic, transformative, and restorative gathering.


Support your fellow members by simply being present, listening, and participating. Please be respectful of each other and ensure that all discussions remain confidential. Safer Space is a place to meet and show fellow members true compassion, intent, and healing before and after we meet on the dance floor!

If you have experience in facilitating or moderating any type of workshop you feel would resonate in Safer Spaces, feel free to apply here. If you would like to participate as a volunteer/crew member at Safer Spaces feel free to apply here. We would also love to hear any requests and feedback regarding your experience with Safer Space at Solstice -



Talking circles

Safer Space will be teaming up with the workshop dome again to Safer Space will be teaming with the Workshop Dome this year to better serve the community as a resourceful information hub that facilitates learning, active listening, and discussion circles. This year, there will still be female, male, non binary and trans, and mixed gendered talking circles, as well as topic specific discussion circles that are member driven; topics such as social anxiety, bullying, and identifying sexual assault.

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