Kind Kitchen

Dear Eaters!


Its an absolute honour to share food with you.  These delicious delights are the outcome of many hours of volunteer work, grocery contributions from each and every person* on the land and unfathomable hours of organizing.


To each and every one of you, thank you and congratulations for nourishing one another through a commitment to sustaining and enjoying this monumental kitchen project.


Your contributions

*Please ensure that you bring your $30 contribution of food for the kitchen. The kind kitchen purchases the base components for meals and we count on you to bring the missing ingredients! It is through this equal sharing and offering that we empower our lovely community to be nourished. We have in the right column a fine tuned list of the contributions the kind kitchen loves to receive!


A little note....


The Kind Kitchen is not publicly available to prepare or cook food in, so please bring a set-up for your campsite, including a camp stove, to boil water or prepare hot food during the gathering.



Must knows


Thinking of doing your Membershift in the kitchen?

The Kitchen is a pretty fun place to work! Be part of this amazing project and learn how we feed everyone at Solstice. The kitchen is a great place to make new friends working together and helping to make amazing food!

Sign up for your Membershift at Centre Camp in the front field upon arrival.  

(while working in the kitchen)

Long hair tied back
Bandana or head cloth (we have extras)
Closed toe shoes
Clean garments
Fully clothed (no nudity)
NO jewlery (rings-bracelets-necklaces-earings)
Clean fingernails

If you want to take on more responsibility and join the kitchen crew, email:

Drinking water

Fill reusable non-glass bottles and large jugs for your campsite with fresh UV-filtered and treated water from our on-site Artesian spring. Water is also available at Centre Camp and all 3 stages!

Remember to bring a bowl

Bring yourself a non-breakable plate and bowl to eat from during the week. This can be metal, plastic, wood, or even coconut shell, as long as it won't break on the forest floor. You will also need to bring a spoon, fork, and knife. Please do not leave these things in the Kitchen area - they should travel with you. Ensure you pack your travel mug to enjoy hot and cold drinks. Most importantly, remember your water bottle! Dishwashing stations will be provided.

Contributing beyond my membershift

With an entity this large, extra support is always appreciated! Making yourself available is a great way to give back by doing something you love. Organizing food contributions, extra pots and pan dish washing, chopping vegetable and fruit! Something is almost always happening. Stop by the Kitchen when you're free and report in with the Team Lead. We appreciate it!



Hours of operation: 9am - 9pm

Bring your own:

Dish / Bowl / Utensils / Mug
There are dish washing facilities available for your use. 

Breakfast: 9AM - 11AM

Granola - Fresh & Stewed Fruit - Miso Soup

Lunch: Noon - 4pm (our biggest meal)

Grain/Carb - Stew/Main - Salad 

Supper: 6PM - 9PM

Stone Soup/Stew with Bannok or Grains

Meals are kid friendly (Mo's hot sauce on the side)


Food contribution ideas

We aim to have lots of fresh salads, fruits and creative dishes available in the kitchen for you at mealtime and for that we need your help!


Each member is asked to bring a $30 contribution of foods from the listings below.  

Support local food growers and buy Ontario fruits and vegetables when it makes sense.


Have a garden?  Harvest something fresh for us! It's awesome to receive tasty treats from peoples gardens! Culinary herbs especially welcome.


Please bring something from each of the following groups:


MembershipBullets_1_72x72.png  Fruit

all berries - apples - oranges - pears (firm) - vine ripened tomato - Avocados (firm) - plum (firm) - grapefruit - Lemon - Lime - bananas (green) - pineapple - Mango - Peach - Nectarine - watermelon

MembershipBullets_2_72x72.png  Dark, Leafy Greens

Kale - Collard Greens - Cabbage - Arugula - Swiss Chard


MembershipBullets_3_72x72.png  Vegetables

celery - beet - broccoli - bell peppers - 
yam - cooking onions - green onions - asparagus  
cucumber - corn - zucchini - fresh herbs - carrot
mushrooms - garlic - ginger  


MembershipBullets_4_72x72.png Provisions

Milks: (nut free) - In tetra packs

* rice milk - soy milk - coconut milk - hemp milk *

real maple syrup - all dried fruit (unsweetened)

pumpkin seeds - sunflower seeds - hemp hearts

Grapeseed Oil - Coconut Oil  - Olive Oil - Tamari 

Shelf-stable Miso Paste (wheat free) - coconut 

Olives in Vacuum-Sealed Packages - Dried Mushrooms
Tahini - Sunflower seed butter - coconut milk powder

We cannot accept:

GRAINS (rice,quinoa etc.)
 (beans,lentils etc.)
OPEN PACKAGES OF FOOD FROM HOME                                                                   

Your Kitchen, Your Contribution

For you and your friends

To offset Kitchen hours, or latenight cravings - remember to pack some healthy snacks for those afternoon munchies - trail mix, cereals (leave the packaging at home!), dried AND fresh fruits, protein you know you can't do without! Wash it all down with some juice or coconut water!