Kind Kitchen

The Solstice Kind Kitchen lovingly provides nut-free vegan food, offering a complete nutrient base for all members on site, for the 7-day duration of the event!


Your contributions

The Kind Kitchen is the life-blood of our gathering. All members attending Solstice will bring a $30 food contribution to the Kitchen and our combined offerings will bring forth untold bounty. This act of membership is also intention and participation in our community. Deliver your contribution to the receiving area of Kitchen, and watch the smiles pour in!



In order to better meet the needs of our growing community, the 2016 Kind Kitchen is planning to provide a high-availability Base Menu offering a complete compliment of protein and macronutrients. As well, throughout the day, the Kitchen will be creating and offering many other beautiful vegan dishes. This year, we're also implementing a Snack Kitchen at Centre Camp to keep up with the demand! Stop in during the day for snacks on-the-go!

Please note that the Kind Kitchen is not publicly available to prepare or cook food in, so please bring a set-up for your campsite, including a camp stove, to boil water or prepare hot food during the gathering.


The Kitchen closes at 10pm. There will be non-perishable snacks available for self service overnight at the Kitchen.


Must knows


There are all kinds of daily tasks: from washing and cutting to doing dishes and serving. The Kitchen is a pretty fun place to work! Sign up for your membershift at Centre Camp when you arrive. Bandanas will be provided for your shift, but please come prepared with appropriate clothing for your shift. Detailed instructions are always posted, and you'll be lead by one of the Team Leads in the Kitchen.


Sign up for your Membershift at Centre Camp when you arrive. 


If you want to take on more responsibility and join kitchen crew, email

Drinking water

Fill reusable non-glass bottles and large jugs for your campsite with fresh UV-filtered and treated water from our on-site spring. Water is also available at Centre Camp!

Remember to bring a bowl

Bring yourself a non-ceramic plate and bowl to eat from during the week. This can be metal, plastic, wood, or even coconut shell, as long as it won't break on the forest floor. You will also need to bring a spoon, fork, and knife. Please do not leave these things in the Kitchen area - they should travel with you. Ensure you pack your travel mug to enjoy hot and cold drinks. Most importantly, remember your water bottle! Dishwashing stations will be provided.

Contributing beyond my membershift

With an entity this large, extra support is always appreciated! Making yourself available is a great way to give back by doing something you love. Organizing food contributions, extra pots and pan dish washing, chopping vegetable and fruit! Something is almost always happening. Stop by the Kitchen when you're free and report in with the Team Lead. We appreciate it!


2016 Meal times

The Kitchen will be continually be serving food in an effort to keep the flow going. Our goal is to minimize line-ups Kitchen Hours


June 20-25: 10am - 10pm


Porridge & toppings - Fresh fruit   

Afternoons & Evenings  

Miso Soup - Red Lentil Daal - Green Salad                           
Stir-Fry Vegetables - Grains - Fresh Fruit

The base menu above runs June 20-25, with other amazing food creations appearing throughout the day as our community members come up with awesome meal ideas and manifest them…

All Day at the Snack Kitchen

Herbal Iced Tea
Vegan Energy Squares
Whole Fruit

Food contribution ideas

We have revised the list of contributions for 2016, in the hopes of serving a greater variety of fruit and vegetables at every meal.

Each member is asked to bring a contribution including something from each of the following groups:


MembershipBullets_1_72x72.png  Fruit

Berries, Melons, Oranges, Avocados (firm), Pineapple, Mango, Peach, Nectarine, tomato, Papaya, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime,  Bananas (green)


MembershipBullets_2_72x72.png  Dark, Leafy Greens

Kale - Collard Greens - Cabbage - Arugula - Swiss Chard


MembershipBullets_3_72x72.png  Vegetables

celery - beet - radish - broccoli
yam - parsnip - cauliflower  
cucumber - corn - zucchini - parsley - cilantro
dill - beans - peas - mushrooms - garlic

Support local food growers and buy Ontario fruits and vegetables when possible


MembershipBullets_4_72x72.png Provisions


*rice milk - soy milk - coconut milk - hemp milk *

Ground Coffee


Dried Fruit- Dried Mushrooms

Grapeseed Oil - Coconut Oil  - Sesame Oil

Olives in Vacuum-Sealed Packages


*Please : No Nut Products

- or -

Coconut Milk - Maple Syrup


Please DO NOT bring!

The Solstice Kitchen is strictly vegan and nut-free. Please DO NOT bring these as your contribution:

Additionally we will be fully stocked with:

and ask that you instead use the above list to guide your contribution selection.


Your Kitchen, Your Contribution

Solstice aims to support local economy and encourages sustainable practices! Please try to bring LOCAL and ORGANICALLY grown produce! Trust your instincts! Every contribution will be used.

For you and your friends

To offset Kitchen hours, or latenight cravings - remember to pack some healthy snacks for those afternoon munchies - trail mix, cereals (leave the packaging at home!), dried AND fresh fruits, protein you know you can't do without! Wash it all down with some juice or coconut water!