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We encourage everyone to take part in a workshop this year! With member-developed programming running all week, this is an excellent way to be involved. At Solstice, workshops are all about engagement and skill-sharing. We are all teachers who can offer knowledge and help others develop new skills. The key is for members to feel comfortable and empowered to learn and share!


The Workshop Crew is committed to creating a welcoming space that can support the exchange of ideas to learn, share and grow. We provide a centrally located, large, dry, floor-matted dome for your use. During peak times, it is equipped with a mini PA-system including microphone, access to a projector, and speakers. If you need additional tools, we will do our best to accommodate you.


Outside of the workshop dome, there are numerous places to swap smarts. Workshops are hosted in the field, the Art Tent, by the pond, or wherever you feel inclined to meet! There’s no need to be shy. This is a very accepting and loving community of growth.


Workshop submissions for 2017 are now closed. Check out the workshop board throughout the week to see what ideas have popped up. As new members arrive, new workshops will be posted.


We acknowledge and recognize the social and economic accessibility issues that exist in and outside of Solstice, and we continue to strive towards bringing people together across social barriers in order to create dialogue and awareness around these issues.


In the past, we have had incredibly diverse workshops- from non violent direct action trainings, to meditation classes, to poi classes, to learning how to make jewelry, as well as workshops addressing racism, privilege, decolonization, sexual health, self-care practices, and other themes.


Did you miss that great workshop you heard about in the past, and would like to see it given again this year?

What about a new workshop that you think should be given, but you are not interested in giving it yourself? Let us know! We will try to do what we can to make it happen.


The best way to ensure that we have great programming is to volunteer to give that workshop you want to go to! Fill out a submission form to ensure you'll have space & time & the tech necessary for your workshop.


Contact for more info.


Scheduled programming

Stay tuned for a downloadable version of the workshop schedule as we get closer to the Solstice!!!!