Theme Camps

What is a theme camp??

A theme camp is a space to play, laugh, learn, heal, dream, build friendships, and create a unique experience that will touch the hearts and minds of all the happy forest dwellers! Your space can be something fun, fantastic, educational, profound, absurd, therapeutic, productive, socially active, blissful, theatrical, etc.

Simply fill out the Theme Camp Application and out and wait for our wonderful Theme Camp coordinator to respond.


When creating your space, please remember that Solstice is a Vending-free gathering. 

Grants, prime locations and publication in The Leaf


There are a few small grants available to help defer the costs of your potentially amazing Theme Camp! Register your Theme Camp with us and we'll reserve a great spot in the forest for you and your camp. This will also get you listed as a Theme Camp in The Leaf! Email for the themecamp application.