Art Temple


Artist expression is a powerful force within our community!
It awakens our innermost dreams and invites others to explore our realities. It opens up conversations and deepens the bond between us and all of life. This is why this year we will be introducing natural paints and dyes, artist talks and more of a sacred element to our new creative portal, the Art Temple. We invite you to come and learn, share and explore all week long. We look forward to embracing your flow~


You will be helping us tidy up and wash paint brushes, organize, aid in the facilitation of workshops and talks, paint signs and overall get to hang out in a fun space.

Interested in contributing beyond and above just your membershift?


We are looking for permaculture-skilled persons to assist in any and many ways.


We are also looking for hosts to oversee our artists talks/discussions/workshops. 


We will need your assistance per-gathering.


We are eager to hear from you <3


Shoot us an email at ::

Art Installation Grants

If you have not hear, we are on lookout for art installations on the grand scale and would love to support our members. Submissions end May 1st! Please fill out this form to make your dreams become a reality~

Artist Talks

This year at the Art Temple, we’d like to introduce a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere in which we hope will be exciting for all Solstice members. We will be curating a schedule consisting of speakers, workshops and general play-time based on your stories, skills, inspirations and insights.
Some examples of speaker topics we are looking to include: creativity and the spiritual, creativity in the everyday, finding your “tools”, artistic sustainability, honing your creativity and inspiration, political arts, language through expression, poetry writing..

This is a callout to artists of all kinds! Be it a writer, painter, sculpture, textile worker, energy worker.
Please shoot us a message by, if not before May 9th at