root at night


Hello and Happy Spring from the Entertainment Group.  

It is an honour for us to provide the framework in which to offer so many amazing performers the place to share their gifts with us and dance away the longest days and the shortest nights of the year, every year. 


The Entertainment Group is going through a transition of sorts this year.  Some dedicated collective members that have worked tirelessly on Stages have had to step aside this year for various reasons, both geographical and familial.  We are mentoring new people to fill their roles and are inspired with the team that we have on board.


Many have been wondering... When are we going to hear about applications for this year’s gathering?  


Well here is the answer... As we have grown, we have endeavoured to be inclusive and welcoming to every performer, new or old.  It came to a point last year where we had too many amazing artists apply and we felt obliged to include as many as possible, unfortunately that meant we could only offer short one hour sets. As inclusive as this is, it can be a challenge to both performer and the dancefloor.


Our values have not changed. We value community involvement, and diversity of sound. We will continue to do our best to showcase new artists and the best our community has to offer.


So, as this is a transition year for us on many levels;  


We will be curating all audio and visual performers at this year's gathering and will not be taking submissions. 

We are going out on a limb here and understand that we will ruffle some feathers along the way. Transitions are hard but sometimes necessary for various reasons.  


We hope to provide all our members with the most immersive and concise audio visual experience we have ever done. We look forward to contacting many of you very soon.

Stay tuned for lineup announcement in the very near future.