Family Camp

Where kids can be as rowdy as the parents!

This year's Family Camp is going to be bigger, more developed and even more fun! Our vision is to have a children's area that will be outfitted with a kiddie KYBO, parent-run family kitchen, forested and sunny play areas, and a rain resistant arts and craft dome!


This whole area is supervised and managed by volunteers parents on duty each day. We need all hands on deck to keep the space organized, kitchen clean, wash stations managed and to ensure drinking water is available!


We rely on our family and friends to support this mega wonderland vision to make it a brilliant reality. Join our Family Camp Facebook group for regular updates and to connect with other families in advance!



We take parent accountability very seriously at Solstice. Family safety guidelines will be outlined in waiver at the gate. Please bring a walkie talkie type device if your child is of the age where being far away is likely to occur. Talk to your children about safety and your expectations before arriving at the gathering!


Family Camp is looking for art supplies. If you have some to donate, let us know! Looking for paper, kid friendly paints and brushes, white glue, stickers, markers, crayons and other such wonderful forest-friendly and easy to clean up items, to use with our crafty kids. Please contact to donate!


Please remember to contribute vegan, kid-friendly snacks donations for the family kitchen in addition to your usual Kitchen contribution if you intend to spend time in the area. We hope to foster a healthy and communal snack environment to keep our children well-nourished in between meals.


This year there will be a new workshop stream at Solstice specifically aimed at children and their families and allies! Please send kid focused or parent/kid friendly workshop proposals to Along with your workshop idea, please include a short bio, short description of the workshop, whether it is for kids, adults, or both and your available days.

Lend a hand

To get in on the drawing board with Family Camp or to donate supplies please contact


All family members are encouraged to participate in these new developments!