mauve marauder


This area encompasses all that shapes Solstice gathering’s literal backbone; fire and water; facilities and structures; plumbing, power and people-management!


Your membershift with Logistics might include delivering water; restocking KYBO's; moving firewood; digging holes; clearing paths; spreading straw; hauling lumber; moving propane from the Kitchen, and whatever else comes up! Please arrive for your membershift prepared for the potential for sustained physical labour, with a bag to carry snacks, drinks and appropriate clothes for changing conditions. 



Long Crew and Tear Down

Long Crew arrive on-site early to build the foundations for a fun, safe land to play in! Once the structures are in place, other gathering Crews can come in and work their wonders too! Tear Down Crew is just as essential, as they stay afterwards to efficiently and safely put it all away until next year!


Looking for Crew

We are still putting together our amazing team of capable, strong (body and mind!), motivated, creative, dedicated members who want to get something more from the Solstice experience. If you have questions or are interested in joining our 2017 crew email




Long Crew are utilized as much as they're available pre-Solstice. This includes work weekends in May and June, to prepare the land and start big projects. Crew arrive to start work about a week before the gathering. There are usually about 50 of us, including Coordinators, on-site during this time.


Long Crew gather together over breakfast meetings to assign daily tasks, usually alongside a Coordinator or Team Leader for the day. Although we reconvene for lunch, you might already have a full-day task and can head back out to it when you're ready. Otherwise, afternoon tasks are set.When the sun is setting, we meet again for dinner and debrief!


Responsibilities shrink as arriving members and Crew step up to take on jobs. We may still call upon you for support, as we trust you to know the workings of the land and the facilities at that point.


After the dust settles, everything must be properly wrapped until next year. Moving the gathering into various storage units is half the fun of the event itself. Some of it even comes back for use in Toronto.


This is a huge job which requires lots of helping hands. Tear Down also scours the forest, ensuring the land is as clean as when we arrived. Tear Down is ideally done within a week. Our Kitchen and Health and Safety will still be available for warm food and bandaids during these work times.