Gate and Centre Camp


Welcome to the gathering!

Situated at the front of our gathering site, you'll be warmly greeted to your Solstice experience by our friendly Gate Crew. Please ensure you have all your paperwork in order before leaving home! This includes your Solstice 2017 membership, corresponding ID, your signed waivers, Kitchen contribution and loads of positive attitude! Gate is also one of our security checkpoints, if you should find yourself needing assistance with another member on site.


If you're considering a membershift at the Gate, your role will include greeting members as they arrive, directing traffic, answering questions, collecting waivers, wristbanding, and providing overall support. Please come prepared with fun costumes, snacks and drinks, something to do in the downtime and a light sense of humour.


The scene at Centre Camp

The hub for activity, our Centre Camp is your next stop along your journey from Gate to gathering in order to schedule your membershift. This is also where you find answers to questions, a water station, copies of The Leaf, lost and/or found, and our gorgeous and unique Solstice t-shirts for sale! Please bring all valuables, including keys, to Centre Camp. Given its central location on our gathering site, this naturally makes a great meet-up landmark to find friends as they arrive throughout the week!


Centre Camp membershifts are perfect for those who enjoy customer service, multi-tasking, problem-solving and vibe cheer leading! Please come prepared with positive energy prepared to do scheduling, answer questions, direct members to camping and parking, snacks and drinks and things to do during down-time.


We are passionate about our beautiful community and have been careful to cultivate a safe and open environment at Solstice throughout the years. We aim to keep it an inclusive and welcoming space for all its members.


2017 will see an increase in security presence throughout the gathering in order to maintain the groovy vibe we love. Our clearly marked security team will be stationed at the Gate and at each stage during certain times. Our security team is friendly and approachable, so please let them know if you see something that requires attention, or seems out of place. If you can't find security, but feel an issue needs addressing, please bring it to the attention Centre Camp or Health and Safety. Several key spaces at Solstice will have an illuminated "phone box", which houses a 2-way-radio you can use to call for assistance, including medical support through Health and Safety or Vibe Patrol.


Please have fun responsibly and take care of yourselves, your campmates and your community.