Join one of our crews and get involved!!


We are actively building our various Crews for Solstice 2017, and are seeking helping hands, minds and hearts. A lot of passion goes into every aspect of creating our beautiful gathering, and we wouldn’t be able to keep it running without your support. A commitment to a Solstice Crew means dedicating extra time above the standard 5hr-Membershift, working on a deeper level to ensure the smooth running of the event in exchange for a reduced membership.


These are our Solstice Crews:


Long crew, Kitchen, Gate/Centre Camp, Logistics/Site Maintenance, Vibe/Health and Safety, CALM, Tea Tent, Workshops and Safer Spaces, Art, Family Camp, Coffee Domes, Stages, Tear Down

Be involved

Submit your crew application today! We assign crew based on area needs, previous experience and available commitment.

If you have received confirmation from us regarding this year’s crew, please wait to purchase your membership, as our crew coordinators will email you with instructions on how to use your crew code. If you are unsure of your crew status, or if you have any questions, contact