We get asked these questions a lot!

I can't remember my password, how do I reset it?

You DO NOT NEED TO KNOW IT! This year we have changed our membership sales system, you no longer need to log into the website!

Woah! Slick new website! Do I need to create a new username?

No, this year (2017) membership sales will not be linked to our website. you do not have to create a username or password to purchase memberships. 

I’m new here and this gathering looks really fun - where do I buy a ticket?

Welcome! As you can probably tell, Solstice is special, and as such is structured a little differently. In order to attend Solstice, we must ensure everyone on-site is a member and committed to our Guidelines and expectations. This year we are using Brown Paper Tickets for Membership registration. If you are ready you can buy your membership here.

Can I take photographs?

You are welcome to take photographs and we encourage all pro photographers to get accredited at Centre Camp upon arrival. ORP has a photography policy in effect which is signed, along with your waiver, upon admittance. We ask that photographers obtain consent prior to taking any individual’s picture. We also ask that photographers do not sell images captured at Solstice. Lastly, we ask that you do not take photos at our beach area out of respect to others.

I'm looking for a ride, do you have a shuttle?

We don't have a 2017 shuttle organized. There is a Facebook Solstice rideshare page We also encourage you to check out our Facebook event and group pages. Many members will be in similar situations so offer to go in on a rental or collaborate a carpool.

What does my membershift entail?

Solstice continues to function because of the support from our members. Part of your membership is your membershift. This participation keeps the gathering flowing because everyone pitches in! Not only an excellent way to meet new friends, your membershift is an opportunity to be involved in the process - leaving you with the knowledge that your contribution helped make it all happen.


Responsibilities and hours will vary, depending on where you choose to do your membershift. Check out our On the Land section to get acquainted. Scheduling takes place upon arrival at Centre Camp, so don't worry if you're not sure exactly which to pick yet. Please bring the necessities with you for your shift including water, appropriate clothing and snacks.

Where does our membership payment money really go?

Solstice specifics

When will the location be announced?

Our sweet gathering site is made available to those with Solstice 2017 membership. It is approximately 2hrs northwest of Toronto by car. You will be emailed directions along with your membership payment confirmation once you have completed your registration process and payment. 

Is there drinking water available?

Yes! We have super-clean delicious fresh spring water from our site that has been professionally UV filtered and treated to ensure safe consumption. We test our water yearly.

My dog (and other pets) and I are inseparable. Is it ok if they join me?

We truly understand  our pets are part of our family, and we apologize for any inconvenience. We will be enforcing a strict no tolerance to dogs and other pets to the land, so please find a sitter, or you'll both to turned away at the Gate. 

Is there place for my camper, bus or sleep-in van?

Most certainly! You will be directed to park along the edges of the forest in the parking lot. Note however that generators are not allowed, nor does Solstice provide power for your vehicles.
This year, 2017, Solstice requires RV's to pre register and purchase parking passes! 

Will there be somewhere I can charge my phone?

Not this year, sorry. 

What about power for my things?

Solstice Gathering does not allow personal generators due to being supplied by a flammable liquid, not to mention the noise they make and the exhaust they create, please don't plan to bring them. You can however use your own battery packs or solar power battery chargers.


If you feel you have a medical condition that could require power, please email power@solsticegathering.ca

Do I need to bring my own dishes?

Yes! Bring yourself a non-ceramic plate and bowl to eat from during the week. This can be metal, plastic, wood, or even coconut shell, as long as it won't break on the forest floor. You will also need to bring a spoon, fork, and knife. Please do not leave these things in the Kitchen area - they should travel with you. Ensure you pack your travel mug to enjoy hot and cold drinks. Most importantly, remember your water bottle! Dishwashing stations will be provided.

What else should I bring?

- your own tent or permanent spot in someone else's

- sleeping mattress / sleeping bag / blanket / pillow

- water bottle / mug / bowl / plate / cutlery

- cold-night clothing: toque / scarf / wool sweater / long underwear

- rain-day clothing: rain jacket and pants / rubber boots / extra socks

- hot-day clothing: loose fitting, light coloured, breathable fabric

- sunscreen / sun block / hat

- headlamp / flashlight

- costumes / deco for your camp / gifts to share

- something to sit on

- your Kitchen contribution / snacks / animal-proof cooler for your campsite

- garbage bags to practice Leave No Trace

- earplugs / any and all medications you need (allergies, prescriptions, etc)

Please remind me your 2017 policies regarding glass, fireworks and generators?

Personal sound systems or generators

We all love our own style of music, but does everyone else? While the stages are going there will be music throughout the whole forest, so during the off-hours, lets reflect in the noises of the forest and the laugher of our friends. Bringing a small radio for Om Radio is acceptable, provided the volume is moderate in the campground.


Campfires and fireworks

They are fun, but for safety and neighbour consideration, we must enforce a no fireworks policy! Also, no personal campfires. There are several designated fire areas to enjoy. Please always be aware of fire safety when using fire-toys. If you see a renegade fire, feel empowered to remind them that is not permitted.


At our community fire-pits, firewood will be supplied. Please do not use wood from the camping areas. The forest needs this to remain healthy. If you see the wood has run low, please let Centre Camp know.



An easy one to forget but while packing, please leave all your glass at home. Pour liquid into portable containers, and ensure you have a travel mug and water vessel that are unbreakable - this means no ceramic either. Many members enjoy the earth beneath their feet - and knowing the gathering is glass free clears us of the worry over shatters and breaks.


What is ORP's policy regarding community safety issues, such as harassment or assault?

Every member is expected to conduct themselves with honour, respect, compassion and in a responsible manner while at the Solstice gathering, following the principles of PLUR -- peace, love, unity, respect. We are here to have fun, but let that not be at the cost of someone else's enjoyment. Any kind of violence or abuse (physical, sexual, verbal or emotional) will not be tolerated, and members will be asked to leave if their actions are deemed inappropriate by the event organizers. We all want to have fun and if you are not having fun because of another member, please bring it to the attention of Vibe Patrol, Health and Safety, Centre Camp or Security. Be responsible and take care of yourselves and your campmates.

What do I do in case of an Emergency?

There are walkie talkies at various community locations, including all of the stages, the Kitchen, and Centre Camp. Look for the lit up booths. Turn the walkie on, press down, then speak. This will put you in contact a coordinator or response shift worker immediately.

Could you repeat the Kitchen Contribution ideas?


apples - berries - oranges - green bananas - kale - collard greens - corn on the cob - ginger - yam - beets - potatoes - carrots - onions - garlic - green onion - celery - parsley - cilantro


grapeseed oil - coconut oil - quinoa - lentils - sunflower - pumpkin seeds - hemp hearts - dried fruit - honey - maple syrup - apple cider vinegar - rice and hemp milk (tetrapaks) - coconut milk - tomato paste - canned diced tomatoes - sunflower seed butter - tahini - olives

Please DO NOT bring!

The Solstice Kitchen is strictly vegan and nut-free. Please DO NOT bring these as your contribution:

Where can I set up my table for vending?

Solstice is a vending-free gathering. Enjoy a week without money or commerce! We encourage you to bring homemade gifts to share with old and new friends alike. When we gift for the joy of it, payment is received in the experience, and the gift is more heartfelt when there is no expectation of return.

Will I be able to take a shower, I hate being dirty?

We do not have shower facilities, however there is a pond that members swim in. Please do not bring bath products however, we do not allow use of them in the pond.

Do I need to bring a kitchen contribution and complete a membershift if I'm only coming for the weekend?

Yes, members are still required to contribute to the kitchen, and complete a membershift, even if they are only coming for the weekend.

Getting more involved

I’d like to dedicate more time to Crew this year - how do I go about that?

With a project this large, we rely on the support of our hand picked awesome Crew. They commit longer hours in exchange for a discounted membership. Our Crew support the Project and we need and love them. If you would like to join Solstice 2017 crew please apply here. 

What’s the difference between Crew and Long Crew?

Every area has their specific Crew, and in turn, Land Maintenance has Long Crew. Covering all things logistics and site related, they are dedicated to creating the backbone of the gathering. This Crew can commit to being on the land setting up facilities and spaces before our other Crews and members arrive. At the end, they carefully tear it down and pack it away until next year. Contact longcrew@solsticegathering.ca to connect with this team!

I want to perform in the woods! How do I get invited to perform?

Sorry everyone. The Entertainment policy/plan has changed. Please see the Stages page for details. 


I heard there is a radio station! Can I DJ on OM Radio?

OM Radio plays live from the forest. We are happy to have DJs broadcasting on our own homegrown radio station set up at Centre Camp. Have an idea for a show? We are looking for interested members to host talk, music, radio plays, found sound shows, well, you get it. Everyone is welcome to bring some tunes and sign up for a shift, however we ask that your choices suit the mood of the space and time of day! Connect with radio@solsticegathering.ca to get plugged in. Bring radios to tune in!!

How can I contribute to The Leaf?

Send us your visual art, poetry, personal accounts, spiritual advice, shout outs, political critiques, news articles, and opinion pieces. We do our best to publish everything. Don’t miss the deadline 2017 is May 1st! we want to share your talents! theleaf@solsticegathering.ca

What does "Leave No Trace" mean?

You are responsible for your own campsite. YOU MUST pack out what you pack in! Walk with grace, leave no trace. There are no trash bins or dumpsters provided, so please just never let it hit the ground. After the Gathering, walk your campsite like a grid and pick up anything that does not belong in the forest. Twist ties, wires, string, plastic caps. It all needs to go with you. Leave no trace.

Why does everyone still call it OM?

Hmmm… good question. The OM Festival hasn’t been around since 2004, and our Gathering has been called “Solstice” since 2012... the names we previously used changed every year (re:union, in:tent, re:treat, in:sight, re:leaf, in:fuse, re:generate), so people got confused... Maybe it’s because we still have an om circle to celebrate the solstice!


I didn't get a proof of membership. What is Will Call?

Will Call is like picking up your tickets at the “box office”. This is pretty similar. All you need to bring to the gate is your valid photo ID. Will Call means that the Gate already has your name on the list when you arrive at the gathering. Easy peasy! 

Are memberships refundable or transferable?

Memberships are NON refundable however you CAN TRANSFER them to someone else using Brown Paper Tickets, where you purchased the membership.

Why do you have memberships instead of tickets?

Our celebration of the Summer Solstice is an intentional commitment. We gather to observe the dawn of a new season and to reconnect. Our members are asked to complete a memberhift, provide a food contribution for the Kitchen and adhere to our Guidelines and Values.

I bought a membership last year, does this mean I am a member still?

Memberships to Solstice are purchased annually.

How do I purchase my membership?

Do you offer low-income memberships?

YES! You can use this link to access the application form, the deadline for applications is May 28th 2017. Eva will be in touch with you in the first week of June to inform you if you qualify for a low income membership. 

Do you offer a day-pass?

We only offer Solstice memberships for the entirety of our week-long gathering. While we understand that not everyone can take a full week from their other obligations, we still encourage you to participate as much as you can, which includes your membershift and having fun!

I don’t have a credit card or access to PayPal - how can I purchase my membership?

Memberships payments are made through Brown Paper Tickets registration process. Unfortunately we are having problems with our PayPal integration. We hope to resolve those soon. However, someone with a credit card can purchase one for you. Alternatively, we host a number of “drop-in's” for cash purchases in Toronto. We'll post more info on the Home page and on our Facebook group page soon.

What happens after I purchase my membership through Paypal?

A receipt will be sent to you from Brown Paper Tickets with directions, information about gate hours and membershifts.

I also bought memberships for friends - what happens then?

You will be emailed the receipt and their names will be on the Will Call list at the gate. All members need to do is arrive with valid photo ID.

My membership was not emailed to me!

You will not be emailed your membership. This year we are going to have your  name on a list at the gate. All you need is to bring valid photo ID. If you have any questions about membership payment Call Brown Paper Bag Tickets 24/7 Customer Service: 1-800-838-3006, any other questions email info@solsticegathering.ca. 

I bought a membership off someone and they emailed it to me - is this all I need?

Please follow Brown Paper Tickets instructions for transferring memberships. (call 1800-838-3006)

All you need to bring to the gate is valid photo ID - your name will be on the door list!!!

Can I update details in my user profile?

Of course!

however, 2017 memberships do not require you to log into our website. you do not need to update your profile at this time.

What form of ID should I bring with my Proof of Membership?

Any legal ID containing your full names, photo and birth date. This can be a passport, drivers license, health card, age of majority card or, citizenship card.

I am under 18 - can I purchase my own membership?

Yes. However, anyone under 18 MUST be accompanied with a parent or guardian. Please email info@solsticegathing.ca for more information. 

My family is joining me this year! Do I purchase childrens memberships?

Fun! Check out Family Camp for kid-safe spaces and friendly faces! Children 10 and under are free; however, they must also register for a membership when you purchase yours. This can happen any time leading up to the Solstice. Parents or Guardians must sign a Parental Waiver at the Gate agreeing that children will be supervised at all times. We adhere to the Durham County Children’s Aid Society supervision guidelines. If you have questions/comments about purchasing memberships for children (ages 11 years to 18 years of age) or would like to discuss the costs please contact info@solsticegathering.ca.

I am coming with family. What admission process should I expect at the gate?

Here’s an outline of the gate process for families at Solstice.

Being prepared will make for a smooth entrance and orientation!


Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be asked:


  • to sign the ORP standard waiver of liability, plus an additional section which covers children;

  • to provide the the name, age and gender of every child they register;

  • to provide multiple names for both onsite and offsite emergency contacts;

  • to provide their proposed camping location (if known), and description of their tent and any other identifiable landmarks;


Other things:


Children, age 10 and under are FREE. Children 11 and over must purchase a full-membership;


With consent, all members under 18 will be photographed together with their parent(s)/guardian(s). These photos are available on site in case of a lost child situation, and will not be used for any other purpose. Photos may be collected from the gate by families as they are leaving if desired;


Underage members (age 15 and under) are admitted only if accompanied by their parent(s)/guardian(s);


Members, age 16-17, require a note from parent/legal guardian (with contact info) for admission;


All family members, including children must provide proof of identity (name & age);


Each adult is only permitted to register a maximum of 4 underage members (15 years or younger) into the gathering. They cannot return at a later time or day and check in additional underage members;


There is the understanding that costs may be prohibitive to families, so please do not hesitate to apply for low-income memberships if needed! It is there for both families and individuals in particular members age 11-18! 

Why is there an option to donate money when I register my membership?

The donate to a cause option is something that Brown Paper Ticket offers and has no association to Solstice Gathering 2017. The portion that you are donating is taken from the service charge of the sales provider, not Om Reunion Project. 

What's with this new RV pass?

While we do understand RVs are convenient for the passengers, they restrict the accessibility for other vehicles in the parking lot. They create lots of issues for us as organizers. The mobility, turning radius, limits where they can be while maintaining a pleasant ingress and egress for all... it essentially acts as 4 vehicles when it comes to parking and accessibility.

The obstacles and extra effort are part of the reason for the expense.


If we haven't answered your question yet, contact us directly. 

Gate hours

We lock the Gate after hours, so come prepared to sleep in your car if you miss us! 


Monday, June 19          12pm - 10pm

Tuesday, June 20          12pm - 10pm

Wednesday, June 21     12pm - 10pm

Thursday, June 22        12pm - 10pm

Friday, June 23             12pm - 3am

Saturday, June 24        12pm - 12am 

Sunday, June 25           12pm - 4pm